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Are you in search of the trending business query - "Which is the best uber clone app development company?"

Let me guide you to Abservetech Pvt Ltd's chief product - RebuStar.

RebuStar is an Uber clone, i.e., an online taxi booking script, that eases the process of drivers picking up the customer from their pickup spot and dropping them at their desired destination.

RebuStar has a tech stack such as MEAN Stack framework, MongoDB database, Android & iOS apps in Kotlin & Swift.

Check out this blog https://www.abservetech.com/blog/uber-clone-app-development/ to know more about the best uber clone app development company.

To know better about our product, check out our website at https://www.abservetech.com/uber-clone/

For better assistance, contact support@abservetech.com.

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