One of our teammates(a league of legends player) was faced with the inexplicable need to go outside. However, every time he tried, he was always missing something. Whether it was his sunscreen, his accelerometer, or his temperature sensor, he could never enjoy the outdoors. That's where the Arm Companion comes in.

What it does

A versatile, specially processed sleeve that gives the user essential data wirelessly to enhance their outdoor experience. Outputs include acceleration, temperature, UV exposure, and much more to come.

How we built it

CAD in Solidworks Coded in Arduino Fabricated with a 3D Printer Assembled by Hand Compatible with your Mobile Device Controlled by an ESP32 Board

Challenges we ran into

3D Printing (not enough printers) More than half our teammates were Remote (hard to iterate and test) Biometric Sensor(Missing the actual sensor)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A final product in a tight time frame. We were able to integrate most of our working components and leave room for improvement with clean code and a modular design.

What we learned

To not give up, took up a whole day to find a 3d printer. Working remotely is difficult. Gained experience with I2C protocol. How to maintain a codebase

What's next for The Arm Companion

Personalized Notifications based on trends in sensor data Add Improved Bluetooth Capability Add Biometric Sensor

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