We have a lot of test automation tool alternatives either open source or paid ones. Some of them has also test case recorder which tracks user’s interactions with application.

Even if we have test recorder none of them perfect. After test recordings they needs to be validate and corrections and it is time consuming process

If we get some test automation cases in advance , it would be perfect for a test engineer that no need create automation from scratch

What it does

It converts user typing to test automation codes by using LUIS Service.

How we built it

Text2Test uses Asp.Net Core for interaction and real magic goes under LUIS service. When we input as a test case like free format, it sends our human language corpus to service and returns back to intents. it parses these intents and converts to actual selenium web driver code

Challenges we ran into

Choosing right Machine Learning method.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Interaction human language with AI

What we learned

Machine Learning Methods, LUIS

What's next for Text2Test

Adding more code language support and also add different test automation language support.

Built With

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