Figured out how to use Python to extract basic news article info from RSS feeds e.g. source, title, summary, link to full article, etc. using feedparser API. Wrote a News class that created instances for each news source (CNN, USA Today…) and contained a dictionary of articles for each source.

Revamped C++ GUI framework that Rohan wrote from scratch before to support UI design mockup for news app. Wrote functioning prototype with side bar and open/close keyboard shortcut.

Rewrote RSS feed info extractor with C++ to better fit with Rohan’s GUI framework. Wrote natural language processing (NLP) algorithm in Python with Google Cloud Platform API that uses entity sentiment analysis and a list of keywords and corresponding political views to calculate an overall bias score and ranking, from among the following: Very Liberal, Liberal, Moderate, Conservative, Very Conservative.

Refined GUI aesthetics for news app. Integrated Python NLP algorithm with C++ GUI by...

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