Verification and Validation of cobie files at the time of handover is difficult for both contractors and facility managers. As these files can be both extremely large and complex, reviewing manually can be time consuming, expensive and prone to human error.

There is currently an open source command line and gui application available developed by Bill East.

Please see link to git hub for details on these applications.

While these open source tools in github are great, they lack professional support and they are not always accessible to less technical AEC specialists.

What it does

We built as our contribution to this hackathon an online installation-less free to use application to support the verification and validation of cobie files.

How we built it

Using the source code from an open source project (see link above). We adapted this java swing COBie Quality Control reporter and exposed its functionality as an API and built a Spring-boot Angular web application .

Challenges we ran into

Technical challenge is merging frontend and backend components which took a bit more time than originally expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have taken a powerful open source application that was not accessible to most people in our community and made it more accessible and free to use.

What we learned

We got the opportunity to explore and understand the complexity and challenges faced by contractors, BIM managers and facility managers delivering and receiving COBie data

What's next for Nextgen CobieQC

Next objective is to adapt the application to support the coordination and management activity of Bim managers during the design and construction phase in relation to COBie deliverables

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