Here we are, developing a test project, a potential solution to solving traffic grid lock in the cities.

We're going to develop a smart city specifically for traffic which incorporates internet of things to gather and send data in real time to our cloud (hosted on AWS). The data will be processed by our AI which will then be able to make suggestsions and decisions on improving and speeding up the flow of traffic. Each piece of data will be a record (which is recorded from the cameras and sensors all over the city) and stored on the blockchain which will help prevent malicious attacks on the network. Scalability will be a key consideration in this solution as we will be integrating more, and more sensors into the system which will allow everything and everyone to be hyper-connected to each other. Eventually, we will throw away the computer screens and terminals for our digital traffic officers and equip them with VR and Occulus Rifts so they will be able to make decisions (with the help of AI) faster. They can even integrate the VR with robots which can be deployed onto the streets to help direct traffic ever in case there is a power outage or emergency.

The hype is real...

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