Looma box need a webcam app for its webcam

What it does

It snap photo and record video, save photo but not video yet.

How we built it

We use javascripts mediareocrder, getUserMedia functions with no extra libraries, data saved on client, not on server

Challenges we ran into

html file elements that don't work for all browsers. saving on server with php part couldn't process because no access to server to save video files

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we got something working even if we didn't finish our ultimate goal. It was still a good learning experience

What we learned

  • Need to spend more time learning the quirks of JS, and also ways to avoid JS entirely.
  • Learned how to save data on client server without using php.
  • Learned how to make audio/video work on webbased application.
  • Learned how to use github, Html, javascript

What's next for TEOLoomaHack

  • if we have more time, we want to implement further to save video and playback working

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