Current rental portals and websites are geared toward helping property management better control their tenants’ experiences. We want to provide an experience that serves tenants’ needs first. In order to do that, our solution focuses on building a community and provide a place to keep evidence when facing legal hurdles.

What it does

TenantCircle helps tenants living in the same apartment complex form a community. We provide three main functions currently: an issue tracker, a common file storage, and a community chatroom.

How I built it

Our front end react UI serves to dynamically load content from an API attached to our Express HTTP Server. That in turn talks to two services hosted on GCP: A MySQL database which stores relational information, and Google Cloud Storage which contains our files.

Challenges I ran into

Visualizing the design from a tenant-first perspective was challenging due to lack of existing products. Since this was our first hackathon where we did any development work, we had many challenges understanding and implementing a full-stack solution. This was made harder by virtual collaboration.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Development with React and GCP!

What I learned

We learned a ton about the issues that marginalized people face as tenants dealing with unfair housing laws.

What's next for TenantCircle

User validation and consider Property’s point of view More in-depth development

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