With the «Templates for Blog Posts» add-on you can finally use Confluence templates for blogs! This makes creating a blog post as easy as never. Very suitable for recurring blog posts like team meetings, scrum meetings, reviews and more. Ensure that the design is preserved by creating central blog templates.

You can use the blueprint to create a blogpost from template or the Create blogpost from template macro which is similar to the Create page from template macro.

How we built it

The goal was to create an add-on with less Java Code (only needed for licensing and pre Confluence 6) to adapt the add-on in the next step to a cloud version too. It worked :) For the create blog post by template macro we needed to add Java again ;)

Next to this we have now an open JS API to create a blog by a template with a short call too. JavaScript API

Challenges I ran into

The variables definition within the template body crashes synchrony in Confluence 6.

What's next for Templates for Blog Posts

If enough users are interested in the server version, we will generate a Cloud version too or add an option to define which templates should be shown.

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