Inspiration: Your personal trainor in your pocket at all times! As a martial arts student I'm always looking for an edge to perfect my technique and track my performance and progress. Track your progress against the trainer and the Enflux community and keep up your motivation with an interactive community!

What it does: Your Coach/Athlete demonstrates in 360 Live action where you can rotate the sphere to view from different angles. You then view your virtual trainer demonstrating the same movements and compare your form, speed, and progress to the trainer and others in the community.

How I built it: Using Unity and the HoloLens.

Challenges I ran into: HoloLens updated their code and the examples did not work. Enflux updated their SDKs and the video tutorials were not relevant. This was my first time coding and first time with HoloLens but I had a very clear vision.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: I made it through with a project I will continue to perfect and I learned so much from the enflux team!

What I learned: bsics of unity, coding and current limitations with the HoloLens as it's such a new product.

What's next for TeleSportMe: completing an MVP and taking it to gyms and athletes!

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