When our team first heard of Twilio, we thought of how we could use the service to create widespread and collaborative games. We eventually settled on telephone for telephones as a simple yet cheeky way to use the API.

What it does

It replicates the game of telephone, except using actual telephones instead of just whispering in people's ears. This means that games of telephone can be played around the world, instead of just being confined to one room. It's a unique way to keep friends and family connected not just through text messaging.

How we built it

The app is built using Twilio to handle the phone functions and Flask to handle the web application framework. The current implementation of the server uses ngrok, a basic tunneling service to create a public url. It also uses the Thingspace API to publicly display the number of phones in the chain as well as the phone number of the new joined phones.

Built With

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