Join us and learn to differentiate them so you can live a unique experience.

One of the leisure options par excellence in the maritime world is the yacht, a type of boat that is used only for recreational purposes

Motor yachts They are the yachts that move thanks to a motor controlled by the captain and that they do it at great speed and without affecting the comfort of the crew. They enjoy a much more superficial draft than sail yachts or sailboats and are usually much easier to handle.

Performance motor yachts They are small yachts that are perfect for those who want to explore the coast more in a short period of time. Its elegant lines, enviable style and power and speed make them a very popular option offshore and in ports.

Large motor yachts They are modern and spacious yachts that are especially recommended for trips with large groups, such as family trips. They are characterized by their stability, design and being spacious, which offers great comfort to their crew. In addition, they are perfectly equipped to practice different water sports and offer comfortable leisure facilities.

Mega yachts They are suitable for exceptionally large groups and families and the most modern in size, performance and luxury. They have capacity for 100 people and have a long list of services, such as swimming pools, discotheques, cinemas, conference rooms, spas or gyms, so these types of yachts serve as miniature cruises for their occupants' short breaks. .

Luxury yachts They are boats that are between 60 and 65 feet, equipped with luxury furniture and that have facilities for the comfort and leisure of their crew. In them there are captain, sailors, cooks and different hosts who meet the needs of travelers and ensure the proper functioning of navigation, in addition to each bedroom is separated by cabins, thus ensuring total privacy.

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