Ted Blenkers - How to work on a ship

If you like the sea and you have an adventurous spirit, maybe working on a boat is a work outing you are looking for, which will allow you to realize your dreams, get to know the world and discover new horizons every day. Work on cruise ships, private yachts, ferry lines, merchant ships, etc. Whether as a crew member, chef, entertainer, artist ... The possibilities are enormous, as is the ocean itself. If you feel the call of the marine world and you want to work on it, we encourage you to continue reading

Professions of the sea Work in the Merchant Marine The work to be carried out within a ship is the most varied: naval refrigerator, mechanic, chief of merchant ship machines, pilot, surcharge, radio officer, cook, firefighters, mastermaster, sailors, deck boy ... To work on a ship The Merchant Marine requires a Title or Professional Card, as well as a Certificate of maritime specialty, essential to perform certain functions. In order to obtain these professional degrees it is required to have completed an academic training as well as to have acquired certain professional experience (days of sea).

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