Possibly the questions most asked by those who want to cruise the first time: What is the cruise line that is best for me? Which one suits my style of traveler? The most veteran cruise passengers discover that there is a shipping company and ship for each type of person as different ships and companies are tested. Currently the offer is so wide that there will surely be one that fits perfectly with your tastes and way of traveling.

ay shipping companies where gastronomy is the most important, others where families and leisure offer are the stars, others itineraries and ports. Even what type of passengers will travel with us can determine the style and atmosphere of the ship. All this can confuse those preparing their first cruise trip.

It is not a comparative article, but rather an analysis so that the first time cruiser will be able to see which one best suits his style and what he is looking for for his vacation. The characteristics are general and it is possible that they will change from one ship to another from the same shipping company. No 2 cruise ships are alike, nor are 2 cruise ship experiences alike.

Carnival Cruise Line is the largest shipping company in the world. Its main feature is entertainment and fun which is why its boats are known as the “Fun Ships” (fun boats) where there will always be entertainment, dance and atmosphere groups to have fun at almost any time.

Celebrity Cruises is a shipping company that maintains very high levels of service. Their personalized attention (they call you by name on some ships) and a high ratio of crew to passenger ensure high service and an excellent vacation.

Costa Cruises is an Italian shipping company that has the largest fleet of European ships. Its ships are elegant and contemporary, with an emphasis on elaborate decor. Sculptures, paintings, murals, as well as handmade furniture adorn the public rooms throughout the public spaces of their ships.

Cunard Line has managed to perfectly combine its long tradition with modernity on board its ships. An environment that blends the best of the golden age of transatlantic sailing with the new comfort standards of new cruise ships. Conferences, the largest libraries at sea, and art collections impress as much as the destinations themselves.

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