Ted Blenkers - 15 questions to choose a good ship Captain

Before hiring a ship Captain, we must ask ourselves some questions to ensure that we choose a Captain who adapts to our needs and offers guarantees to his passengers.

  1. Does the Captain have an official and regulated degree? In addition to certifying their knowledge, the degree will avoid fines by the port authorities and will guarantee the insurer's response to any incident.

  2. Does the Captain have limitations on passengers, length or miles? Depending on the qualification, the captain may govern ships of greater or lesser length, greater or lesser capacity of passengers or if he can move more or less distance in miles of the coast. It is important to know if the degree is professional or sports / recreational.

  3. Does the Captain meet the requirements of Captaincy and Maritime Authorities? It is mandatory to formalize the situation of the crew, as well as certify the medical examination and the corresponding qualification according to the boat, and above all that is in force.

  4. Does the Captain speak fluent English? It is especially necessary in international ports, as it is the vehicular language in navigation.

  5. Do you have experience in navigating the area? Very important that the Captain knows the area where he is going to navigate to avoid unforeseen events.

  6. Does the Captain know the winds of the area? By knowing the winds and their changes, you can offer the best area for anchoring.

  7. Does the Captain know alternative routes if the wind is unfavorable? In addition to detecting when to anchor, you must know the best navigation alternatives to avoid awkward or dangerous rocking.

  8. Do you know the funding restrictions of the area? The importance of not anchoring on protected areas, such as the Posidonia del Mediterraneo, in addition to protecting the marine environment will avoid possible fines.

  9. Does the Captain know how to reserve balls? The Captain must have the appropriate contacts to reserve a ball, if you want to anchor in the area without unforeseen events. In summer times they are in high demand.

  10. Does the Captain know the restaurants accessible by sea? It is also necessary to book in advance in the summer months and know how to get to the restaurants in the area where you can disembark.

  11. Does the Captain have sailing experience between the straits? With the favorable sea, a good captain will be able to circumvent straits and other natural accidents, but an experienced Captain is needed to do it at night or with bad seas.

  12. Is the Captain aware of the nearby Lighthouses? Recognizing the lights or headlights of the area without the use of electronics or Plotter is an exercise that will avoid setbacks.

  13. Do you know the peak times of the steps? It is necessary to know the peak times of the steps to avoid them, navigation with a lot of traffic is uncomfortable due to the waves and can lead to minor accidents.

  14. Does the Captain know the outline of the coast? Instead of using alternative routes before any setback, it is more advisable to navigate close to the coast, for this it is necessary that the Captain knows the geography of the area.

  15. Do we have recommendations from the Captain? It can help us to know a little more about the person who will govern the boat, the main qualities that it must have are: to be disciplined, neat, organized, educated and discreet. And above all, do not use alcohol or drugs.

Thanks to the recommendations given to us by Captain Ted Blenkers, we can hire a ship Captain with guarantees

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