Manufacturing is an essential part of the US economy, and the importance of this part is growing. Terms as "Advanced Manufacturing" and re-shoring are almost everyday-terms in the press. However, the manufacturing industry is confronted with a fundamental challenge, which could be the cause of severely limiting the potential of this development: the talent gap. We know from experience that the US market does not offer adequately trained personnel for performing maintenance functions on ever more complex equipment in sufficient numbers. And here is where the "TechGuide" application comes into play: The application allows a remote "Guiding Expert" (GEX) to "see" what a "General Maintenance Person" (GMP) sees. The GMP wears the Epson Moverio glasses, and the camera transmits the video stream to the GEX, watching it either in a centralized Mission Control environment on a PC screen (PC), or on a handheld device (APP). In additon to the video stream from GMP to GEX both are also connected with a duplex audio channel, so that they can communicate in real time. In addition to this communication, the GEX also has the option to identify distinct features on the video display, which could e.g. be a specific part of a machine which the GMP has to repair. The function of the TechGuide now is to keep this identification tag on the identified part of the machine, independent of the movement of the head of the GMP. For this reason the software has to classify the video picture and attach the marker to this distinct feature, while keeping the marker attached to the feature, independently of the movement of this marker in the video image. With this, the GEX can guide the GMP through a complex repair process, by setting one or more such described markers, supported by vocal work instructions to the GMP. The duplex audio channel allows both participants to work through such a visually supported guidance process. Target audience for this app is the general manufacturing industry with distributed facilities. The major feature is to up-scale the expertise of the GEX and make this expertise available remotely. This could have a profound savings effect for a manufacturing organization.

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