we were in the middle of the orientation and I overheard someone talking how hard it is to meet the right kind of company and they wish job seeking was easier

What it does

it create two types of accounts job seeker and company creating the account a query with the information needed for the project and/or position available and matches the user to the company, but it also works the other way around with connecting to the job seeker with companies that match with the type of company they would like to be in.

How I built it

Learned Django in 6 hours then start experimenting creating apps and my designing the website separately then transfer the CSS and HTML tags into the Django project

Challenges I ran into

I am a novice with Python but then having a steep learning curve, becoming fluent in Python but getting use to Django Framework. Learning to apply Bootstrap in the front end was one of a kind experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Leaning Bootstrap methods, and Django extensive library

What I learned

Web development is tougher and makes us have a bigger respect for Web developers

What's next for techedout

Enhance the back end, and launch a mini version by the end of Q2 2016

Built With

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