Investors and common man who invest in Stock Market as well as Crypto Market sometimes suffer huge loss. Various people invest their savings based upon rumors and some try their luck and many of them end up in disappointment. Seeing this trouble of people investing in Stock Market and Cryptocurrencies, I came up with an idea to build a trading bot that will assist people during investments in these places. This project also helps a beginner in understanding the basics of Stock Trading and it can be used as a education tool as well to explain technicalities to students.

What it does

This trading bot functions in three steps. Step 1) Analysis of previous trends and variation in Cryptocurrency price. Step 2) Prediction of future price based on regression methods and it's detailed analysis using data visualization tools. Step 3) Advises user to either Wait, Buy or Sell their set of shares so that user gains maximum profit and zero loss in trading. (Advising can be done through mails as well as by csv and spreadsheet files).

Finally, it mails the result to the user about the trading steps to be taken for maximising profit.

How I built it

I built it using R programming. I used "binance" API for getting data of previous trends as well as real time data for predictions and advising users for further steps. Regression concept was used to predict future crypto price and using this, I came up with a Machine Learning algorithm to assist and advise investors, traders and users.

Challenges we ran into

Various challenges came like High Accuracy in prediction to be secured, No loss for investors should occur, dealing with any dynamic update which can reverse the market trends at any time and gaining trust of the user for high value investments (this remains an unsolved challenge even now -: ).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1) About 98% accuracy in cryptocurrency price prediction. 2) Zero money loss: User won't loose a single penny if they trust on the advises of Trading Bot and follow them accurately. 3) Maximized profit achieved during any investment period where Bot was activated for investments.

What we learned

How to predict cryptocurrency prices at best accuracy rate. How to design algorithm in such a way that user gets maximum profit and suffers no loss. How to mail the results directly from coding studio to inbox of the user. Learned how to invest in cryptocurrency or stock market smartly by trusting mathematics and coding, not your luck.

What's next for Tech Pirates

I want to scale this project to a larger production and deployment level where more users can use this tool. Also, I will continue to work on more optimized algorithms for better gain in investments.

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