Company Team

We are a company called Kano based in East London.


Co-op (more fun!) Light boards Minimalist Pixel Art Real-world hardware Shibuya, Japan Chibi Hello Kitty

What it does

Player 1 sends emojis to instruct Player 2 on how to get to the cafe. Player 2 receives these on an LED board (9 x 14 matrix) and has to interpret them to figure out where to go. Only Player 1 can see where Player 2 is in the world.

How we built it

Lua, Love2D, Raspberry Pi, Custom Light board

Challenges we ran into

Network connections between RPi and computer running game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

44 unique emoji animations on a 9 x 14 light board matrix!

What we learned

Light boards are hard Scoping games is challenging Games

What's next for Kanchester

Go back to London and keep making gamified experiences on Kano Computer Kits!

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