Islam, Sikhism, and Buddhism are three of the world's most prominent and influential religions, and Pakistan is home to all three. Inbound tourism has 480 venues designated by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). There are 106 historical sites, 120 faiths, and 26 religious and historical sites among them.

What it does

Team Ibtida will create the region's first mobile travel app to boost religious tourism. The software offers hotel, restaurant, service station, and road information that will help guide tourists. This program might be expanded to other provinces in order to attract and boost tourism. Tourists, on the other hand, find Sikhism pilgrimages, Mosques, Buddhist sites, churches, and archaeological sites of many civilizations that create a strong impression on each visitor to visit their sacred location in Pakistan. The app will serve as a one-stop-shop for all religious travel information in Pakistan. The app, which will have a database of 480 sacred locations from various religions, allows individuals to plan their trip, lodging and even provides information about the towns they will be visiting. Users will be able to book flights, hotels, and vehicles using the app. In addition, the app will have its own website, which will provide you with the finest religious vacation option. You may also personalize your travels depending on your preferences and needs.

How we built it

It will be built using MERN Stack which consists of MongoDB, Express, React, and NodeJS.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges faced - Religious tourism Other difficulties that occur as a result of weak institutional structures include poor tourist infrastructure, a lack of private sector engagement, insufficient marketing, and a lack of enforcement of quality standards. Poor infrastructure, Hassling, Heritage trafficking, Limited community participation, Cultural degradation, and. Lack of attention.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We will be 1st in Pakistan to become a religious tourism portal.

What we learned

Pakistan is a popular tourism destination for both Sikhs and Buddhists. Punjab was formerly the heartland of the world's sole Sikh kingdom. Nankana Sahib, Baba Guru Nanak's birthplace, is one of Sikhs' holiest shrines, having the potential to draw as many people as Amritsar's Golden Temple. According to study results, a staggering 83 percent of the eight million diaspora Sikhs residing outside India are interested in visiting Pakistan. Furthermore, 79 percent of the 20 million Indian Sikhs showed an interest in visiting Pakistan. In stark contrast, just 10% had entered the nation. Similarly, Buddhist tourism is expected to have a global market of 500 million Buddhists. They have a particular position in Pakistan's Gandhara area, which includes Mardan, Taxila, and Swat. Korean Buddhists trace their religious roots to what is now Pakistan, where the Korean monk Hyecho traveled 1,300 years ago. Takht-i-Bahi in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the locations in northern Punjab alone have the potential to draw a significant part of the 50 million Mahayana Buddhists in Korea, China, and Japan. A Gallup study of the Buddhist community in a chosen pool of nations in 2016 found 58 million "interested tourists," of which 5 percent (2.9 million) were "likely to visit" Pakistan. Poor security, a lack of marketing and tourism amenities, and the absence of a working Buddha stupa are presently preventing this potential from being realized.

What's next for Team Ibtida

We will become Pakistan's first A.I-based religious tourism platform that uses machine learning to provide you with the finest religious vacation option. You may also personalize your travels depending on your preferences and requirements.

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