With concerns for the future sustainability of the planet we wanted to create an app that would allow everyday people to connect and convene to contribute to the global effort to combat pollution.

What it does

Our website allows people to create accounts and host a clean up event which other users can see and choose to participate in.

How I built it

We used liveshare on Visual Studio Code with a mixture of screen sharing on discord and just talking to each other on discord on various technical challenges we ran into

Challenges I ran into

Developing the backend functionality was difficult in conjunction with creating a linked database that would hold the event information / user information. The design of the website was also challenging as it had to be visually appealing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud that the three of us were able to create a website in a small amount of time.

What I learned

Some features we worked on were passwords that got hashed, formatting with Bootstrap, and creating the framework for users to be able to post on our forum. We learned that fusing together all the parts of a website from front-end, back-end and databases was very difficult and time consuming.

What's next for Team Green

We will be taking the experience from working as a team and try to improve on areas that each of us were lacking in.

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