Taxis Maroc provide taxi service where customers come first.

Free application that allow to find easily a taxi in all the Morocco aera 24H/24 7d/7.

TaxisMaroc enhances the shared taxi experience bringing some advantages for taxi drivers and their passengers:

For drivers :

  • Taxis Maroc is one of the few application wich covers all Morocco

  • One application affect all kinf of taxis : Small City Taxi ( 3 seats) and large taxi ( 6 seats)

  • The driver will know that there is x passenger waiting for a taxi in his way so we will not wait in behalf to filling all seats so time saving for driver and riders

  • The driver can also khnow that is x passenger in the next back seat

For Passengers :

1- Taxis Maroc is completely free for the taxi commuter - no commision

2- The passenger can choice betwen mixed or women only passengers

3 - The rider can look for a taxi everywhere in Morocco

4- Outside city the rider will not wait on the road under the sun or in the rain he can command a place in a taxi and stay at home until the arrival of the taxi.

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