Talli - the Bar Stock Exchange platform instantly converts a regular bar or restaurant into a bar stock exchange.

The Bar stock exchange platform transforms your paper based menu to a tablet based menu with dynamic pricing. Prices increase as more customers order the same drink and decrease as the orders reduce. This creates a stock exchange environment with prices governed by demand and supply. Customers are enthralled with this unique experience transforming a silent lounge to a heavily crowded entertainment zone.

The following are the features:

  1. Dynamic Prices - the prices of the alcohol in the menu change based on demand
  2. 1 click orders - Customers can order by themselves using a simple tablet based menu
  3. Watchlist - Groups of users can select alcohol of their choice to create a personalized watchlist to review prices and order at the right time
  4. My orders section to review orders places
  • CMS for Bar Owners
  • Projector Screen to entice prospect customers

Benefits to a Bar

  • Crowd Puller
  • Viral on Social Media
  • Happy hours
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Increase in Revenue

A must have for all bars!!

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