Whenever we have an event, we wanted to view all of the social media conversation about our event. Companies exist to see what they're talking about - our project goes a step further, to connect to each related #tag or @mention people use in their posts. Talking about #hacklahoma? It looks like people are also talking about @soylent - let's add their posts in!

With Tag Wall, we can expand our conversation to reach out to those connected to us!

What it does

This board connects related conversations across multiple social media sites, incorporating each related #hashtags and @mentions people include in their posts about our topic.

How we built it

We connected a React.js application to our PHP/MySQL backend to fetch and display social media posts about our #topic. Using custom-written git hooks, our project is built and deployed to the live site each time we push our changes to the server.

Challenges we ran into

Different social media sites have different restrictions on what data we can request from their API, so we had to carefully select which sites' posts we want to include.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created a framework to expand a conversation from a single #topic to include the same tags that everyone's talking about! We also created a development framework for our team to quickly merge and deploy everyone's contributed work, using the distributed version control system git.

What we learned

We learned there are a lot of complications in unexpected places: we had more trouble with drawing good menus than we had fetching and displaying tweets! We also learned that a little familiarity with a convenient framework goes a long way: React offers a great platform for quickly and conveniently rendering what we want without worrying about the details!

What's next for Tag Wall

We want to connect other social media platforms to create an even broader network of conversations!

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