Paying your bill at a restaurant is difficult - even more so if you're in a big group. Restaurants can usually only split a bill 2-3 ways, and even if they do everyone will have to calculate their tip by themselves!

Not so with YoPay! In YoPay, one single person can pay the whole bill, and cover tax and tip. Then, he/she will open YoPay and enter the total price of the meal, and an unlimited number of people can Yo into the special account that we create. Each person who opts in will then be charged on their Venmo account for their fraction, and that's all they need to do.

We came up with this idea because we are constantly eating out at restaurants with friends and forget to tell the waiter to split our tip, or the restaurant refuses to do it for us. While Venmo has made things easier, it's still a hassle to calculate, and sometimes you aren't familiar enough the person who covers the bill to know their Venmo account. With YoPay these problems will no longer be a factor, since the simplicity and convenience of Yo will make paying the correct person the appropriate amount a piece of cake.

We are presenting at Table 44! Come drop by and say Yo to see our app in action!

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