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I am sure you all know how much; corruption and malpractices are there in the world today. That's the reason the people of the world are suffering today. And every human being is praying to god to help stop all. Please give me an opportunity to give a presentation..

I would like to inform you that I have designed a computer program, a fool proof system to stop crime, corruption and all illegal activities and bring peace and harmony on earth. I would like to give a presentation of the project to your esteemed concern and then you could decide if you could help me. I know it is one of a kind, because nobody on this earth dares to think to stop crime. I am confident that this project will help each and every human in all possible ways. I assure the returns would be unparalleled to any other investment in the world.

How will my Project help the world?

  1. Well established system of governance
  2. A society well organized and good administration.
  3. Socially organized
  4. Every sector of life and development would be taken care of.
  5. Discard old customs and imbibe new set of rules.
  6. It would be corner stone for a fully blossomed civilization.
  7. It will provide easy access to all and sundry, to people speaking a variety of languages and diverse tastes and color. 8 It would promote social integration.
  8. People who need help and ones who can offer such help would benefit from this portal. 10 It would be a society of brotherhood.
  9. Demography of census autocratic.
  10. Town planning and maintenance.
  11. Housing where a family grows around a couple and each of them could have a residence of his own and nurture the bonds with love and affection.
  12. Water supply and protection of water sources.
  13. Green belts around cities.
  14. Conservation of heritage buildings and trees.
  15. Easy access to hospitals and medical care in every corner of the globe.
  16. A regulated market. The prices would be regulated. Monopoly trade practices would be curbed.
  17. Hoarding of goods would be prohibited and future trading as well.
  18. No illegal business.
  19. Trade will be lawful.
  20. Trying to earn a lawful livelihood would be and obligatory duty in addition to other duties which are obligatory.
  21. Every human will gain from prosperous trade than from muscle power.
  22. There would not be any dishonest dealer.
  23. Peoples taxes paid to the government in different ways will be accounted for and be made use for the betterment of society.
  24. Judicial administration would hardly have any pending issues and verdicts would be faster than before.
  25. The ruler and the common man would be equal before the law.
  26. Every religion will be given the right to practice their faith in peace and harmony. And a lot better than the present world. Please forward to as many of your friend as possible for help to invest on this project.

Thank you and regards,

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