SyncSpin - Where the whole party has a voice, but no one has to shout.

Our web app provides an interface to track and play only the best songs for your next get together. We built a system just for you so that your party will DJ itself through the input of your loyal friends. There are no apps or downloads to SyncSpin either, we took care of that by leveraging the latest in cross-platform cloud technologies.

Getting Started

When you find yourself on the SyncSpin homepage, you will need to create a room (unless you are joining a friend). After a quick API credential verification with Beats (Thanks Mashery!), you are now hosting a room. With the sharable URL at the top, anyone with a web connection can be a part. This is where the fun begins!

Mood Progression

So what is so special about this democratic jukebox? You. We developed this idea to serve you and mold to your environment. As you move from one song to another, the suggestions sway to the style of the winning songs

To demonstrate moods even better, I would encourage you to join one of our live rooms during a demonstration. You will immediately notice at least one pulsing ring on your screen. We use this as a symbol of you - and a symbol of your personality. Take your phone and move it around. Notice your ring brighten up and flicker faster? That is our crowd mood analytic system at work.

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