In light of the election, we wanted to bring together the community by presenting political perspectives that are often ignored (by the polarized sides).

What it does

It allows people to explore different political perspectives by first gathering data on their personal political perspective then presenting links to sources that may be novel to them or that may be used to extend their own ideas. The website demo (2nd link) is functional. Only abortion is functional at the moment. Enjoy (ALSO, the website AWS does NOT have Java pre-installed, which took up a lot of time for us to figure out. In fact, we went overtime BECAUSE Java wasn't installed).

How we built it

We built it by analyzing texts through ConTEXT and parsing the data (one person focused on this), which would be taken in by a Java program to analyze the data. This would then be presented on html/css/javascript layout.

Challenges we ran into

We initially wanted to work with RestFB and friend lists, but as a result of API update, we are no longer able to access too much information from Facebook. From there, we moved onto this current project

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Three out of the four of us have not completed a hackathon before, so it was truly a rewarding experience to learn languages that we have never used before.

What we learned

How to make pretty things from HTML/CSS/JavaScript, using ConTEXT, etc.

What's next for Swing

Think of cool projects for the future, possibly think about using some hardware.

Built With

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