I dont want to break laws in trading crypto

What it does

SVOTC is a DEX for accredited investors. We use Civic's KYC technology as the primary barrier to entry. Users will need to clear a background check with ComplyAdvantage's API.
By having a curated user base, we can allow the transaction of Tokenized Securities to take place between users. Vetted users will be able to trade with other users, without sharing any personal data.

How I built it

Cloned repo, Added KYC & AML tech partners, new branding

Challenges I ran into

To make this most secure I would need more time. This is the quick and dirty way to get it up but would want to restructure the build for higher safety.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have been wanting to build a DEX all summer. I have OTC deals where a platform like SVOTC would have been ideal to use.

What I learned

Loopring is amazingly awesome! I plan to pursue this business after the event.

What's next for SVOTC - a DEX for Accredited Investors

We polish out front end, add a landing page and notify our network of crypto traders.

We will also reach out to companies tokenizing securities to get their support of our platform.
Visit Loopring team in China! Get funding, SCALE!

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