Mobile Introspection is a new way to know ourselves. Most of the time and activities are done in mobile.To record phone activities and provide insights about usage and restrict the use of mobile by confining to time.

What it does

1.Uses Accessibility services of android to get user activities like app usage,keypad and touch events.....and log them to AMAZON REDSHIFT via kinesis firehose.The data is logged to Redshift for extracting analytics and for further research purpose. 2.When user requests to get their analytics per day or specific span an AWS lambda service is triggered which loads data of user from Redshift and perform analytics in aws lambda and returns stats.Hence maintaining a dashboard for mobile usage by app,category,location tagged,gesture and network state are few analytics extracted. 3.Restrict over usage of mobile by setting rules by usage per hour or by location or by particular app by getting stats in realtime and notifying user about usage limit.

How I built it

aws kinesis firehose is used to data log from mobile to redshift.Analytics are performed by aws lambda.dashboard stats are viewed on request.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up all services permissions,Forming analytics

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

What's next for SVADHYAYA

Improve analytics currently I have done till app usage charts more are to be done like amazon quicksights,Controlling over mobile usage in realtime is to be implemeted perfectly.Deep insights of personal behavior can be done by help of cognito services

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