• Inspired by games like subway surfers, jet pack joyride, and some Mario games.

  • You must avoid being eaten and pass obstacles in order to get as far as possible

  • Using Piskel to create the 8-bit sprites and GoDot to import them and make them able to interact with each other.

  • Figuring out how to code certain functions and getting the sprites to interact how we wanted them to.

  • How many pixels would be needed for the sprite to waste as little space as possible when exported from Piskel

  • Determining what was left to be drawn

  • Getting this far into the process with this being our first game creation experience

  • How to navigate and use GoDot for 2D platformer games

  • Learned how to use different tricks in Piskel (pixel art program)

  • Learned how to get sprites and nodes to interact by watching plenty of videos and reading online tutorials

  • Planning to add in power-up options

  • Speeding up as time goes by

  • Get a wider variety of enemies/obstacles for different interactions

Built With

  • godot
  • piskel
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