We decided to do a video game based on our previous interests and skills in Unity3D, Blender, and Android Studio. Over the summer we got really into AR games like Pokemon GO and initially wanted to adjust the view/size of game objects based on your changing location.

What it does

Players battle 3D models of Donald Trump's face, robot monkeys, and other scary objects as they inch forward in augmented reality.

How we built it

Using Blender, we made a 3D model of a robot monkey and obtained one of Donald Trump's face from (Trump Low Poly by digitalcoleman is licensed under CC Attribution). Then, the models were imported into the Unity workspace, where the scenes were constructed using C# in the MonoDevelop IDE.

On the Android Studio side, we utilized the Google Maps API to track player location as well as the enemy monsters' locations (in the real world). We also used this information to calculate distance between the player and any monster in the field in order to determine if the monster would appear in the player's view.

Then, we interfaced the Android activity data with the Unity scripts to work in conjunction.

Challenges we ran into

-Figuring out how to commit and push Android code to a shared Github repository for teammates to collaborate on

-Getting the Google Maps API to work in the Android App

-General inexperience with app development

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Being able to create an AR video game in 24 hours with no prior experience with AR or VR

-Learning to use Android Studio and Unity3D for the first time

What we learned

We learned to integrate different development platforms using their available documentation. For some of us, it was the first time using the Google Map API. We also learned that the different SDK versions on different devices so we had to accommodate for them and play around with the Android Studio build settings.

What's next for Survival

-Multiplayer mode for Survival -- based on location (e.g. within 100 ft. radius)

-Music and sfx

-Different themes and improved UI/UX (menu, settings, app logo)

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