SureTrek Cloud Browser is a web browser answering many of today's mobile browser challenges including:

  • slow networks
  • unavailable networks/offline
  • security
  • safety/family content
  • speed

SureTrek Cloud Browser attempts to resolve all of these issues by leveraging the power of the cloud.

  • SureTrek Cloud Browser connects securely via a tunnel directly to the cloud. Once connected the cloud handles the details of helping the web browser safely traverse the Internet.

  • All traffic to and from the mobile device is encrypted AND compressed, all the way to the cloud. (Up to 50% bandwidth savings!)

  • The cloud assumes the hard work of fast and efficient network transfers on behalf of the SureTrek Cloud Browser

  • SureTrek only transfers data when it absolutely has to! And then it only does so efficiently!

-The cloud provides additional services such as parental controls, audit, etc.

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