To help supply chain managers intuitively understand the structure of their supply chains, where high capital and time costs are coming from, and how their supply chains resist change.

What it does

This visualization shows the flows of supplies through different stages of the supply chain, allows the user to zoom in on particular stages, and see what happens to the supply chain when a stage is removed.

How we built it

Our primary visualization was with the d3-sankey library (Sankey diagrams for D3.js). The website itself is made with React.js, and deployed through Firebase App Hosting.

Challenges we ran into

Both team members were very new to web development, and lost much time to bashing our heads against transitions/animations in D3 and styling with CSS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was cool how the diagram was able to incorporate many dimensions of the data.

What we learned

We learned things about web development, and certainly learned that it is probably a good idea to look through a tutorial about a platform before trying to develop it.

What's next for Supply Chain Viz (Team 21: Spell Snaps Factories)

We will try data visualization on web again sometime!

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