Our inspiration behind making this website was to bring awareness to mental health issues and educate those who may feel helpless because they don't know the signs and what to do when the problem approaches

What it does

This website educates others about the background, the signs, the reasons, and what to do when looking at suicide as a whole when one individual might seem on edge to the point where you must look at the signs more attentively

How we built it

We built it through and used HTML and CSS

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge we went through was actually trying to use CSS more than we have ever before because since we are still beginners and are learning little by little. Trying to mess around with CSS on our on being both beginners really made it a challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment we are proud of is how we did the steps in which you tell the signs and what could cause this and then knowing what to do when this situation might become a little more serious. We are also proud of how we made the suicide hotline into a link that allows you to actually go to national suicide hotline website to chat online instead of calling in for those who rather not speak out and type instead.

What we learned

We learned that when trying out a new style of coding we must know what the end product we are trying to do and how we will get there. We continuously tried different codings instead of googling what we wanted and would have saved us time

What's next for Suicide Silence

The next step for suicide silence is to make it an actual domain that many people could look at to help their loved ones while still brushing some ignorance off of those who don't know the background and causes of mental health issues.

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