I am watching Twitch streamers almost everyday while i am doing something else (mostly programming). As i watch streams i realize that most of the time i either watch Turkish streamers (I am Turkish) or professional Korean esports players.Both of the side i realize that there is a language barier for them . For Turkish streamers , they only reach Turkish audience because they are speaking Turkish . For Korean esports players , viewers with different nationalities are watching them but they lost interest in stream very quickly due to language.So i start thinking how to solve this problem and i found a subtitle solution with

What it does

Extension is basically subtitles for viewers.Yes! it is that easy .Viewers can read subtitles in 20 different languages.But image how big this solution can solve problems for community. +Imagine you can understand Faker and master your skills in League of Legends. +Imagine you are a streamer from Brazil but your viewers are from all over the worlds because they can understand you. +Imagine you are laughing a Japanese joke as an American viewer +Imagine you are getting subscribers from Germany as a Russian speaking streamer ... and many more With the help of this extension you can actually removing all boundaries worldwide

How I built it

I use Aws-Lambda as serverless backend with API Gateway to create a Http endpoint . I am also using AWS Translate's real-time translations in order to translate spoken language transcript into 20 different languages in real time.

Challenges I ran into

Syncing subtitles with the stream is the hardest thing i ran into but i explained it below how i solved it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

There is 1 technical and 1 general accomplishment that i'm proud of. Technical one is : Normally real-time translations requires at least 4-5 seconds in order to understand speech , converts to text and translates into different languages . However there is also a delay for live streams so i use that delay as cover for required time for subtitles .So at the end translations becomes almost synced with the stream General one is: I always want to watch Korean esports players and understand them.So with this extension it actually can happen so i am really proud of that.

What's next for Subtitle : Reach Audience Worldwide

Increase speech recognition software accuracy by providing necessary vocabulary for popular games

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