HackPSU, 11/7-8/2015, Studee App

Created by Caleb Kitchen, Tyler Moser, Venu Mulane

Have you ever found yourself stuck and feeling hopeless when it comes to learning a subject?

Have you wanted to make money tutoring others but haven't been able to find the clientèle?

Have you ever wanted to meet more people in your major and collaborate on projects or homework?

Studee looks to solve many of the hardships of attempting to find people to study with & create a community based around helping each other.

Studee has the potential to become a globally used app to get students thinking about how to help others and be better students.

Main Concept

Studee works by first creating a user account: In the account the user may then set their major, minor, classes they need help with, classes they are willing to help with, and school.

The app then takes this information and feeds it to our LAMP stack. This stack will be doing most of the heavy work by taking query requests and turning them into match data based on what people will teach and what they need help with.

Currently our database is populated with a small amount of test data that can be accessed and modified by our android app.

Studee is built to connect users together based on classes and major to help users find others to study with in each class and get the help they want and need.

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