Stranded is an innovated project that aims to connect people through ride sharing. We want to empower groups, especially college students like us, to be able to transport ourselves around. When ride sharing options like Uber are getting more expensive, and there are people whose cars sit idle in city parking garages, those who need a reliable but not permanent form of transportation can lean on this app to help!

To best reach them, we created a web app and an iOS app, which allow both borrowers and ride sharers to connect and provide a source of income and means of transportation for those who desire to take the ride. Don't be stranded, be connected!


We saw the smartcar presentation and wanted to best understand how to solve the modern problem of ride sharing through an application.

What it does

We utilized a flask application from the smartcar github and adjusted it to make a web application that could be deployed to a custom (but auto-generated) domain. The HTML/CSS entry page shows up at first, and from there one can enter their login information utilizing the tools from the smartcar API.

On the iOS app,...


We have two domains: and, both of which we could have used to deploy our web application if we had time. Or more web experience. But here we are. Out here bois.

How we built it

The web app was built using flask via PyCharm, with an HTML/CSS entry page component. The iOS app was written in the xcode application using swift and cocoapods.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Surviving until the end.

What we learned

Pretty much everything that we did was something we figured out when we were here, especially concerning the smartcar API and flask app. Also, to not procrastinate.

What's next for Stranded?

Connecting the web app to the purchased domains, as well as improving the interface of both applications. Also, some more functionality for each, as they are pretty simple hacks.

Important note:

First link is web app, second is iOS app

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