Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, many tourism sectors are badly affected, this leads to many people losses their job and travel sites are forced to shut. Although now many tourism sectors have changed their marketing strategy to virtual form, many of the older generation operators faced difficulties and lack of technology skills in embracing the new norm. Other than that, many of the operators face financial problems during this pandemic. From the customers side, many of the people have an interest in trying virtual tours but there are less specified platforms to give them direct information and variety choices of virtual tours. This inspires me to create Stourism.

What it does

Stourism provides a One Stop virtual tour platform for customers to surf through various virtual tour, ranging from eco tourisms, food tours, cultural tours, historical tours and even hotel/homestays tours. (Every virtual tour counts!) Customer can choose anytime anywhere. It can be said, Stourism is time-saving⏰ and convenient as customers can choose their ideal tour in no time. Less experience operators can also promote and sell their virtual tour services directly through Stourism in a simple way. They can not only promote their services and also make an income during this hard time.


I intergrated the web ux consistency concept to make Stourism user interface user friendly as possible

How I built it

I built it using WordPress and PHP.

Challenges I ran into

Lack of financial supports

What's next for Stourism ( A One Stop Virtual Tour Platform)

Virtual tours can be directly hosted in Stourism.

Built With

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