tl;dr we wanted to learn NodeJS and play with Wolfram Alpha

What it does

What our hack does is that it allows users to ask Wolfram Alpha a question or just give it a word. The users then can tell the database whether or not Wolfram Alpha succeeded in answering the question after what Wolfram Alpha believes to be correct is outputted onto the screen. It's a fun little hack that anyone can use to test their intelligence against a computational knowledge search engine

How we built it

It was built with node and express, while making sure that angular (or alternatives) were carefully avoided. Using jade as a template engine, the hack was created with standard posts and get functions.

Challenges we ran into

We originally planned to do another hack but realized we probably couldn't finish it and so switched to the current hack. So starting a little too late was definitely one challenge. However, the major problem was working with asynchronous programming for the first time under that amount of time. That issue still renders us to be unable to grab the promise when it becomes available.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though not technically difficult, our hack features a shiny, CSS animated rainbow background and is a functioning site completed in a short amount of time!

What we learned

Everyone learned different things but generally speaking we can say we learned that Wolfram Alpha can figure a LOT of stuff out and isn't so easy to outsmart. Programming wise, backend programming experience, front end experience was gained not only in this hack but in the first idea that we discareded.

What's next for AnalyzingSucessRatesOfWolframAlpha

Most likely using tools we're more familiar with to process the data and generate accurate statistics about it.

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