I just couldn't see poor heiresses losing their future. Ok, time to be serious.

The combination of my economics background and anarchy present made me realize how broken, manipulative, corrupted and opaque the current financial system is. It was amazing to discover crypto. At some point, I decided to close all my bank accounts, debit, and credit cards only to realize how impossible they made it to leave. After 7 months of struggling through their obstacles, I opened a bank account again, with a hope that one day it won’t be needed. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of developments that make our Live with crypto easier, we can pay for airplane tickets, phone service and hotels with bitcoin, even so, we still have to utilize intermediaries. I believe that in the next decade we will see great things happening in crypto that will remove the banks from our daily transaction chain and will replace it with a transparent, peer-to-peer network. Knowing code to the level of Hello, World, I decide to produce my equitable fairshare of meme distribution, according to the need of crypto sphere.

What it does

My hope is that after watching the video, people will start questioning the system, will do their research on how Bitcoin can replace the way we store and transact value and make it more transparent, convenient and safe.

How I built it

I took my iPhone, pretended to be a Hollywood actress and recorded it all in one shot.

Challenges I ran into

It ended up being 67 seconds video so I had to cut 7 seconds of me being all that ridiculously good-looking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I think it's hilarious so I am kinda proud of it.

What I learned

Banks are evil.

What's next for

End the Fed

Built With

  • english-lol
  • imovie
  • iphone-camera
  • one-russian-marketing-chic
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