I love to buy and trade stocks, so I wanted to build a tool that would allow me to some unique things not available in other stock trading apps

The app allows you to search for stocks, save them to a list and view their intraday prices up to the current minute.

I wanted to practice using the MERN stack and style the application using SASS because it's something that i've recently been learning on my own.

Setting up the entire project took longer than I expected, and maybe in the future I will create a boilerplate that has a basic server, react application, and react-redux store created already.

I'm proud of the design of the application. Normally, I feel as though design is my weak point but this one turned out great.

I learned that building a full stack application takes a lot of time just for the wiring and setup, so for next time I will try to optimize process.

In it's current form you are only able to search for and view basic data, because I simply ran out of time. However, I will continue to implement authentication and a database so that users can login and save their preferences.

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