We came up with this idea while ideating on some of the struggles people may face as the result of the coronavirus, realizing how everything tends to be out of stock and is hard to find out which stores still sell it. We realized that by making a solution to help find which medicines are in stock and where it can help make life easier for those who need medication during the lockdown.

What it does

We tried to make a solution to send the user an email showing the closest stores to them with the medicines they need by fetching the information from medical databases and from online retailer databases like amazon if they have it in stock there instead.

How WE built it

We used Python with some libraries to support it for the backend of our solution and we used Html/CSS for the frontend and aesthetics of our website

Challenges We ran into

Making the solution work on our devices as we don't have Linux devices, a prerequisite to using LXML

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We were able to come up with a solid idea and we were able to implement parts of it in a language foreign to our group members, python.

What We learned

We learned how to use GitHub as well as how to make solutions in Python

What's next for Stockspital

In the future, we want to get it working and from then onward make our solution work for other types of essential goods like food and from a greater range of retailers other than just Amazon


Our URL was registered with as but the code couldn't be uploaded.

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