Earn 10% Interest Helping Others Become Homeowners! Lend to Stiff.Money LLC and get NOTE Tokens which can be redeemed for 10% more than you Lent. When lending you and are helping others become homeowners. Stiff.Money NOTE is a tokenized loan backed by real estate.

Want to buy a home? Stiff.Money offers a zero down payment Lease-2-Own option with 12% APR interest only payments. Apply to CrowdLoan your home purchase.

AMAZING RETURN ON INVESTMENT FOR LENDERS Earn 10% Interest Helping Others Become Homeowners Lenders provide loans to Stiff.Money LLC by depositing XRP or USD Lenders get NOTE Tokens in exchange for loans made to Stiff.Money Lenders get paid back principle + interest when redeeming NOTE Tokens

EASIER APPLICATION PROCESS FOR HOMEBUYERS Lease-2-Own Your First Home with Zero Downpayment Stiff.Money helps people become Homebuyers by providing a Low Documentation and No-Down Payment opportunities to become a Homeowners. Our Lease-2-Own Smart Contracts allow people to work towards home ownership with a monthly payment structure based on current rental payment history and FICO score. Once in a home the Homebuyer can build equity in property and work towards paying off their Stiff.Money purchase agreement, or they can refinance with a lower interest mortgage with another long-term lender.

During the Hackathon created legal contract for NOTE and hosted it on IPFS, created project/borrower profile page (https://stiffmoney.com/551-eadon-rd-toledo-wa-98591/), setup Xumm Developer account and setup Xumm Wordpress Plugin to accept XRP.

NOTE Token Legal Contract: JSON, https://bafkreidxocysnaoiqcpiarpsbce5sfv2fwfvppyorluloehmv4jhd5muwq.ipfs.nftstorage.link/ PDF, https://bafkreiggq3qygui76m76xh353o3qaoqcbnzmhrr3itscvkzxq5gw6rk4lq.ipfs.dweb.link/

Stiff.Money XRPL Account: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rKTGMzHYnfK1nbeWwtVeLVKpKewMKr83eU Hackathon Transactions: https://bithomp.com/explorer/D55E04C91269FFF693D9D00BE320F872A195694077639C72ED1DAE71E81D7A19 https://bithomp.com/explorer/215F865B6550312D35E39FA26D5915E6CEA386FB555B45A09BE29BB49E743C72

No NOTE was issued yet, still need to create a script to issue and send NOTE to those that checkout once their Transaction completes on Ledger. Will continue to develop Stiff.Money CrowdLending Platform and plan move forward after hackathon.

Some context for why NOTE is not a Security from: https://entrepreneurship.law.umich.edu/notes-are-securities-except-for-when-theyre-not/ Family Resemblance Test

In Reves v. Ernst & Young, the Court examined whether a specific promissory note issued by the Farmers Cooperative of Arkansas and Oklahoma constituted a security. Acknowledging the wide array of instruments that may be properly considered “notes,” the Court adopted the “family resemblance test.”

The family resemblance test begins with the presumption that any note with a term of more than nine months is a security. However, because not all notes are securities, the Court also announced a judicially crafted list of exceptions. The presumption that a note with a term of more than nine months is a security can be rebutted in two ways: 1) demonstrate that the note in question bears a strong family resemblance to one of the exceptions; or 2) demonstrate that the note in question should itself be considered an exception. The judicial list of exceptions is:

1) note delivered in consuming financing

2) note secured by a mortgage on a home

3) short-term note secured by a lien on a small business or its assets

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