More than 62.4% of college students experience some form of depression over the course of their college career. As fellow college students, it’s not uncommon to see our peers neglect sleeping and self-care. Across the U.S, depression is making its way as the leading cause for college student dropouts and we want to do something to combat that.

What it does

StayCation gives you suggestions for your next break based on the amount of free time you have, where you’re located, and your budget.

How we built it

We used React.js in order to complete the front end of the website, then used the Google Map’s Places API in order to generate a map that would load all of the nearby locations that passed through our list of filters.

Challenges we ran into

  • Interacting with the Google Places Javascript API
  • Familiarizing ourselves with React.js without prior knowledge in Javascript

What's next for StayCation

  • Implementing additional filter options to further improve results
  • Replacing HTML with React for improved interface
  • Adding a database to keep track of users and demographics to improve suggestions based on prior choices


La Hacks 2019

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