We hear the benefits and consequence of not drinking enough water. But forcing yourself to remember to drink takes a VERY strong determination during a hectic day of work.

What it does

We remind you to drink water, 5 seconds after the last time you drank water. If you keep drinking water, you'll not have to worry about under drinking!

How we built it

We used a tilt sensor to detect drinking and Arduino micro controller

Challenges we ran into

-> Gyroscope & Accelerometer Sensor was working before but then sensors started giving 0 as the reading...

We realized I2C connection needed a solide connection using soldering... But we didn't have the equipment so we pivoted.

-> LCD panel required more pins

So we upgraded to uno.

-> LCD panel backlight

We were using schematics that used digital pins to power the backlight but power?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We didn't have any electrical experience before but we learned arduino and learned about circuiting, arduino programming, and used sensors to create a working product.

What we learned

The importance of soldering... The importance of getting materials and tools before the hackathon... The importance of experience!

What's next for Stay Hydrated!

We will learn more about sending the data from the chips to computer.

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