You can see some crypto services asking people to support them by staking with them. That is good for them. But that is not how most of developers usually do things.

When a website needs to process credit card payment, they integrate a payment processor sdk. They don't go run a node inside Visa network. In similar veins, we will provide a sdk for website to process staking from their users easily.

Imagine Wikipedia gets support from users this way.

Also, any kind of premium content and paywall can benefit from alternative revenue stream through users' staking.

This can work with or replace any kind of funding scheme, including: Github Sponsors Patreon Youtube Channel Membership Google Play Pass OpenCollective Codepen Pro Wikipedia donations

What it does

Sites/apps/projects can easily gain support from users by user staking. Website can integrate an sdk to easily process users' staking. Website asks users to stake to certain validator. Once users finishes the staking, the website's premium content is open to the users.


  • users don't need to actually pay directly. Psychologically this is very different. It's like the users have a risk-free use of the premium membership.
  • global. Most of other payment methods are regional.
  • recurring revenue for developers and site owners

More important than just the money, we are integrating (non-dApp) developer ecosystems into the whole staking economy. So far, we see that crypto has no problem attracting investors, but we should try to attract some other type of users, ie. users of regular websites, etc. This may help user adoption this way.

How I built it

ICON sdk to confirm users' delegation activities.

Built With

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