Inspired from real life issue.

What it does

This SSB generates electrical energy and stores it for further use in nearby connected smart city devices, ads panels, street lights and every single device that uses electricity.

How I built it

Using multiple piezoelectric related between them by a wire and calibrated at the same level. the piezoelectric are connected to a regulator that transfers the generated power to batteries or in case of extra production the current will be redirected to the nearest SONALGAZ electricity panel, to help maintain the stability of the Algerian electrical network.

Challenges I ran into

The deployment part is a hard one, because the road and the number of cars passing by should be calculated so the SSB can work at a higher level and produce more to make gains.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Completing the schema and having the capability to manage the energy production.

What I learned

We have learned a lot of different things, from electricity and energy management to the hardware part.

What's next for SSB

The project need to be realized so it can be connected with more IOT devices so we can monitor at least parts of the road (especially the roads with congestion problems).

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