More people have credit cards than crypto. Square made it easy to integrate credit card payments into our Web 3 Website! But we didn't stop there! We embedded the Square Checkout API inside our Programmable NFTs!

Full website version of min-cart: https://builders-dao.vercel.app/shopping

Website Walkthrough and Full Feature List

Checkout all the features of our super project in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7egBiznwX4

Features List

  1. ERC-721 DAO signup page (GitHub Required): https://builders-dao.vercel.app/join-us
  2. Mini-ecommerce shop. Uses Chainlink Price Feeds to convert USD to Matic: https://builders-dao.vercel.app/shopping
    • Test Credit Card Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111
    • Test CSV: 123
  3. Anyone May Submit a Governance Proposal: https://builders-dao.vercel.app/submit-proposal
  4. Only members may vote on Proposals: https://builders-dao.vercel.app/vote
  5. Dynamic and Interactive NFT (Shop, View Repo, Manage Money): https://builders-dao.vercel.app/nft/0
  6. Display and Interact with Smart Contract Financials: https://builders-dao.vercel.app/finance

NB: Only NFT holders may vote. Voting periods are usually 1 week for DAOs. But, for testing we set the voting period to 2 minutes.


We decided to integrate the Square Checkout API into our project. We love thinking out of the box. We extend the use case of non-fungibility to tokenized Software Applications.

It's an ERC-721 DAO that uses Programmable, Utility NFTs.
We incorporated a full-suite of Programmable & Utility NFT functionality into the custom minter contract.


We were inspired by web design studios of the Web 1.0.

How we built it

React Square Web Payments SDK, Next.js, Tailwind, Hardhat, Solidity, MongoDB, OpenZeppelin

Built With

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