The majority of our population is feeling divided. Many individuals are overwhelmed by a constant stream of negative information.

Our society needs a positive force right now that can take a strong stand in promoting the good in the world.

At SproutLaunch, we cultivate hope and inspire positive connections within our communities.

We designed the Alexa Skill: "SproutLaunch | Good Deeds & Acts of Kindness" to help promote our efforts.

What it does

-Users listen to inspiring good deeds happening all over the world. -Users earn entries into a monthly Kindness Raffle offering the chance to win a $50 donation to a charity of their choice or a friend in need! -Users can submit their own act of kindness to be included in our skill.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

For this particular contest, we are proud to create an idea and skill that: -Solves a Problem -Inspires Customers to Learn & Take Action -Delivers a Seamless User Experience -Integrates Advanced Alexa Developer Features

Built With

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